Apr 10 2011


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4-10-11 thoughts. .LEO LAPORTE, THE TECH GUY  on the radio is the prototypic modern yuppie/geek speak/’humor’ that I have real problems with. He’s very full of himself… everything is a comedy.  He’s basically an adult acting like a kid, int he trendy way they do. Everything is ‘cool,’ literally every other sentence is springled with ‘cools.’

He talks a mile a minute and his type of humour is typical modern humor, without class.

In telling what he said was a ‘funny’ story about his 16 year-old son. ‘My son calls me up and says to me, ‘Hey , Dude…’ and goes 0n to say he found a cool gadget  when ‘Dude’ is ‘in the nursing home’. Probably said with a lot of truth , too.

It’s to run thru life with a big ego and nothing serious but one day, if he has any conscience at all he’ll wake up in that Nursing Home without a son and start wondering how it all went sour…

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