May 28 2018

Mini OHS Reunion Recalls My Infamous Stunt

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As told to GKB:

Thanks Gail for sharing the news sad as it is. I will send Linda a card. I’m sure Craigs passing didnt help Joan. I will look for memorial link u sent. Thanks. How appropriate all this on Memorial Day.  

Sorry that Jan is not doing better but anyone who makes it to 97 is amazing…just hope she is not in pain and you still can have good moments with your mom. By the way belated Happy Mothers Day.

I meant to write last week after having mini OHS reunion with friends I hadn’t seen since high school.Roger Wong and Craig Lim. ALSO my good friends Glen Wong and Steve Wong and Jim Yee And Spencer Leslie and Ted Dangwho I had seen seen many times.. we spent about 3 hour reminiscing getting along well at Elios Rest. SAN leandro. Highlight was Rogers recall of my infamous portrayal as an Egyptian foreign exchange student accompanied by Tom R and Frank D in their English class where I filibustered about 30 minutes telling of my days growing up in Egypt, everyone knowing my lie except naive teacher. I think I’ve told u about this before. Roger claimed it was the highlight of his high school days, hard to believe. I had fun with it too ,only time I ever did anything like that

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