Jul 07 2017

Orange Julius – New Cat Ordeal Should Be Well Worth It

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julius posing

Adopting Orange Julius…

Behind the scenes dealings that luckily resulted in our happy match! 


Chronology that resulted in our happy adoption of Julius – barely! …

‘Thanks again for giving Julius a good home. A woman in my neighborhood who used to feed Julius once in a while has asked me to give her your name. I guess she wants to talk with you about Julius. (Maybe she knows if he has gotten his shots, etc.) Is it OK with you for me to give her your name? I told her I wouldn’t do that until I heard back from you. (I don’t know why she doesn’t just look at the NextDoor message board where I saw your note about how Julius is doing.)’ -Joseph, who was finally the neighbor who took it on himself to list Julius on NextDoor.com and find him a home –  TO OUR (AND HOPEFULLY JULIUS’ DELIGHT!)


Julius coming to greet from catbird seat

from us to adopter:

Thanks Joseph to you for caring for Julius and offering him to us. I can appreciate this woman Karen (?) Who has also been feeding and caring for Julius who wants to follow thru after years knowing and helping Julius -cant help but get attached -and I appreciate any tips she might give,which she has started already,eg not to let Julius get near the outdoors or he may bolt for which I agree (bit see no signs). Like my past cats, I think he is great fun to be indoors now. please give her my number. I also have her number and will try to call her. Julius a team well and had a good first night. Thanks again. Burt 9257883316


7 7 17 aft  from me:

I hope this is a private message. I didn’t want to have to send this. Everything is fine on our end. Julius seems to be very well and happy but one or two people  you probably know about have suddenly made an issue , i..e. separation anxiety, with   my adoption of Julius, this after several days with nothing but happiness from many on ND that I was adopting Julius . But , first,  Thanks for all your help and, probably improving Julius’ life substantially by getting him ‘out of the streets.
 ‘I did let ‘K’  come by to see Julius and got the feeling there was some resentment that I had taken ‘her’ neighborhood cat and perhaps that you had ‘given’ him away. That was confirmed later when she called me back. Fact of the matter is that nobody was REALLY caring for the cat, judging by the dental work he will be needing and I will be paying for  in addition to the $500 I spent yesterday on tests, microchip, etc. Plus, Julius turns out to be hard of hearing and could be easily hit by a car, etc. etc.   I could go on. I had written a longer email earlier but decided not to send it. Now I have heard again from Karen and one other neighbor who ‘misses’ Julius even though they have not been a regular part of his life. I am offering him a permanent, indoor home,. So, I’m pretty sure you and I are doing the right thing. There is an outside chance he won’t get along with my other cat and if that is the case I told them I would consider returning Julius to the neighborhood if one person would  really be responsible including taking him to the vet. If he’s really 15, as they claim (the vet thinks he’s about eight or nine), Julius will need a lot of attention from here on out… I will post a few pictures on ND and perhaps mention the ‘issue’ a few are having (only two) and if there are others that would really prefer Julius back on the streets rather than in a nice home that he seems to really like. Other things that should have been done include Juliuus having had a colar with name and number for emergencies,. That could have prevented this whole mess, but , in the long run, maybe it’s better because now Julius has a home rather than a ‘sort of ‘ home on the streets.  The other thing is that K  and FW-P  are the only ones protesting, but things seem to be calming down and I think they are realizing that Julius’ quality of life  should come before their feelings  of ‘separation anxiety.’ . At least 10 others on ND were very grateful that I was taking Julius.  Please let me know your thoughts, if you wish. And, yes, I agree with you  about keeping Julius indoors, not only in the beginning, but always. be keeping  , beginning with his own room with all the perks before he ‘graduates’ to the whole house when the other cat is isolated, and eventually, they should get along together, with time.  I do have a special caged ‘outdoor extension’ where the cats can go outside while still being the house ( I plan to   post  pictures).  I may yet send that other email to you, too.

Julius closeup

But, I feel that , after talking to K  twice today, as well as FW-P, they are getting over their separation anxiety while realizing the advantages for Julius having a real home,  and a human who will give him whatever he needs. . I just wanted you to know what was going on with these maybe not so surprising, ‘after the fact’ happenings.  I have a feeling you were on to this already…  Regards, Burt


Joseph Smigelski

6:20 PM (5 hours ago)

to me
Burt, I hope you keep Julius at your home because you are offering the best place for him to be. You have even spent $500 on him! That is amazing. Don’t let “K” and “FW-P” (I don’t know who the latter is) intimidate you into giving up Julius. Neither of them adopted him and took him to the vet. “Separation anxiety”? Give me a break. If they were truly concerned, they would have taken Julius into their homes. By the way, my wife and I had been looking after and feeding Julius for about a week. “K” and “FW-P” had probably seen my posts on ND, but they didn’t offer to take him into their homes. But you did, so Julius is your cat now, and I know you will treat him well. I wish you and yours the best.
Joe S.
I appreciate your ‘closing’  thoughts re Julius adoption and agree, of course with all of them.  I should have probably suspected something when K wanted to come right over to see Julius.  You were more careful in giving out my phone number by asking me first.  I will remember this for any future related incidents that might happen.
I will not waste anymore time with these oeoplw if they do call again.  It’s a settled issue now  with me keeping Julius.  They certainly had their chance, and, as you said, if they really cared they would have taken Julius in or at the very least get a collar with name and phone for him should some stranger find him going from home to home. They’re lucky he stuck around as long as he did.  \
So,  I will simply post a picture or two showing a happy Julius in his new home for the many  NICE folks at ND who asked and then will be done with this issue.
I’ll  just say, once more, thanks for ‘saving’ Julius for a better life experience that I think we will give him.  All my best to you and yours and I don’t expect to have
to write you again about this.
Burt for Orange Julius (and Zack)
FULL NextDoor Timeline going back a month before I would even know of Julius or his NextDoor meanderings…  But, yes, it must have been meant to be because Ornji was still there… I have a feeling the Next Door string would have dwindled off  in another day or two.. I just happened to come along in time… Sometimes things work out this way… but not often. This is the way I would want to have/find a pet

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