Mar 12 2017

Gratitude Daily Deed Inspired by Ornji

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Gratitude Daily Deeds Inspired by Ornji

Feb 24, 2017: ORNJI PASSES but only after putting up the greatest fight and communicating all the way in a positive way to make those last days not so difficult but even of a quality nature - despite Ornji's serious illness. After never showing any real signs of discomforting - bouncing back from other non-eating spells in the past- Ornji this time, alert but listless , unable to move much, kindly alerted us through his eyes that it was 'time.' This non-verbal communication was special and only Ornji could do it , so much so that I now try to pay closer attention to that of other pets and animals. Even on Ornji's last night he was teaching and inspirting
Feb 25: Started GRATITUDE APPs a couple days earlier. Noting appreciation for each new sunrise, and sunset, sitting outside now without Ornji - now without but trying my best to enjoy with Ornji's inspiration and occasional Zack visits as well as squirrels and birds. Grateful for all the animals and pets for their unconditional love
Feb. 26: Tried taking Zack in CAR RIDE in attempt to get him to travel with me - Usual disappointment but could have been worse. At least we tried
Feb 27: Finally went to UKELE CLUB : I'd held off going for months but with Ornji's inspiration to get out and 'do it' while meeting some new people I did it. Turned out good, too, and I'll continue
Feb 28 Thinking about Ornji and how grateful for all he gave including the 10 ways he improved my life (see list elsewhere
MAR 1 Squirrel and a bird came to visit me on deck, coming within a couple feet, which is unusual. Stayed a long while. I enjoyed their company
Mar 2 Enjoyed special bike ride in Napa thru St Helena back woods, Cliffs vinery and bruchettera -sitting out in beautiful garden prior to bike ride
Mar 3 : 'Travel again without fear'. It's been about 7 years since I have left the Bay Area and probably 10 years since I've traveled without fear. After losing my entire family-brother and sister at early ages- four of my first five cats within seven months including one to 'sudden death syndrome' while away on vacation, and three other friends , prematurely, I developed a serious fear of traveling; it had always been hard, especially since acquiring pets including sister Joan's older dogs but now it became unbearable with the cumulative losses and fear of losing the last pet
Mar 4 : As part of 8 above , stopped by Waiterock kennels to consider this option on new push to travel.
Mar 5: Jogged Lafayette Rez hills for first time in nearly a year. Felt good and nice change of pace I needed
Mar 6: Made it to 2nd Uke Club meeting despite getting off sick bed.. I normally wouldn't have gone but Ornji pushed me.
Mar 7: Studied Kabalah purpose of Life 'bread of shame' showing how people are now brought up as 'reactive' (indulgent -what is there for me?) vs proactive ( to go out of comfort zone to achieve more purpose, fulfillment in life.
Mar 8: Went to new favorite place, Velo Winery and bruchetteria for comforting time , while happening upon excellent radio show dealing with loss, featuring philosopher Kahlil Gibron (sp) (Savage)
Mar 9:
Updated Ornji tribute 'One Last Hurrah -Goes Out with Class,' leaving a legacy behind in during his four short years with me. Added 'pet tricks blog featuring Ornji walking on rocks.'
Mar 10: Saw the SHACK inspirational movie that had a lot of overtones of my life with Ornji
Mar 11: Received great card from Vet Dr H-E, which made me feel good and responded with a reply published in
Mar 12 - Biked favorite SunolPreserve, 1st time in over a year, another real adventure when I got lost on a washed out trail, ending in marsh; only a single hiker far above got me back on track.
MAR 13
Mar 14
Mar 15 -Took care of business..put on a happy face and went to implant dentist and CPA to turn in books-turned out CPA had lost his cat too and we had much in common along with Kathy, ofc manager, very nice people
Mar 16
Mar 17 Spent all morn from 6 am playing with Zack. Never have we played so long together... Then read from death dying book, Then listened to Prager's Happiness Hour: Religious people are more happy as they realize that we are born into a life we didn't choose. It chose us, pluys other events. But, at least we have the knowledge to understand why we might not be happy. OK to feel as you like but try to ACT HAPPY in public - good project.
Mar 18 -Smokey Joes Cafe nice temporary break from reality-great show at Laf Town Hall
Mar 19
Mar 20- Rainbow Bridge candlelight ceremony for Ornji
Mar 21
Mar 22 - During therapeautic bike ride up Howell Mtn in Napa got good news call from vet re Zack's labs
Mar 23 -This time good news for myself at annual 'c' medical followup. , followed by bike ride in SF and 'celebtration ' dinner in honor of Zack and my good health while honoring Ornji in so doing.
Mar 24 - Zack started using Ornji's room for the first time, sitting atop cat bird perch in bay window
Mar 25 -First real social outing since Ornji, dinner with Sharon and Min got me out a bit
Mar 26 Viewed tulip display at Mtn View Cem while visitng Dad, Mom and Don at gravesites
Mar 27 Rainbow bridge candle light for Ornj and uke club
Mar 28 Zack passed 1st real test Waiterock Kennel, 3 hours with no problems, in prep for my first vaca in almost 10 years Friday
Mar 29
Mar 30 - Zack 2nd test at kennel, survived 6 hours, tomorrow big day
Mr 31 First getaway in almost 10 years, 8 to see Kelleys in Red Bluff,. dropped Zack at Waiterock 2:30 and arrived Red Bluff 5:45 pm -Enjoyed Antsy McClain and Trailer Park Troubadours
Apr 1 Back home after long night drive, picked up Zack 11 am to complete first vacation in almost 10 years! Ornji indirectly made it possible.

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