May 08 2016

Beloved Ornji Cat Suddenly Sick After Becoming Indoor Cat

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in treeDear friends,
I’m sorry to say I’m dealing with a sudden, unexpected very sick cat, Ornji, who
had just become an indoor cat…maybe too late (http::// . But doing best we can…
Seems he has a tumor on his liver. Being HIV positive he has always been at higher risk
with a weakened immune system, yet he has lived   outdoors (and in the basement)
with no problems the past three plus years.Then suddenly, just before his dental cleaning
10 days ago he started showing signs of slowing down, sleeping in the garage and not being  so animated at which time I used the opportunity of the dental cleaning and anestetic grogginess to bring him indoors to a quiet ‘cat room’ I had long anticipated for him or another cat. . Ornji’s  blood tests before the dental cleaning were pretty normal. but, we learn that a pet can have something else going on that doesn’t show in blood panel, thus the ultra sound is necessary- and that’s where they found the tumor. Now we’re waiting 3-5 days to learn more about that.
Maybe worse is that Ornji is not eating except for what I force feed him (gently in small
amounts) thru a syringe. Im trying to be optimistic but it’s tough with a sick cat who’s
not eating.  I’m doing breathing exercises and listening to calming tapes for myself while
staying mostly at home to monitor Ornji and trying to keep him as comfortable as possible.. There’s not much else to do until we get the
biopsy results…
Just wanted to share this so you’ll know if I seem distant it’s not intentional.
I’ve also had my own health issues last three months (neck and sinus pain), which I think and hope are controlled  but now this. Not asking for sympathy but a prayer or two wouldn’t hurt, if you
believe in that… or just some good thoughts.
Hope you and yours are doing well. This is all part of life and having gone thru it before
you’d think it would get easier. Not so sure about that…  But I will utilize what resources
I can, including you, my friends, with much appreciation.
Thanks for listening,
Burt  for Ornji (and Zack)
ornji on deck 1Ornji new indoor home-room
ornji nice large silhouette on deck rail

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