Jan 03 2015


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Elves, not Elves neededsent to 84 friends, family and those (mostly from MInnesota who send contributions to Dad’s memory)

This is full veriosn


How time flies -I’m trying hard to slow it down – and, especially, how late I am in acknowledging your kind a generous
sentiments / contributions following the passing of Dad (Jerry Kaufman) Oct. 16, 2012. I had intended to write each of you a personal note
but between my emotions and unrealistic expectations here we are ovoer two years later, having just celebrated Dad’s 100th birthday!


I’m well as I hope you are, yet with a piece or pieces of me missing, as it were, though trying to appreciate each day and moments I’m
fortunate enough to have that my family members don’t. I feel very lucky to be living out days my brother Don and sister Joan couldn’t,
as well as Mom (Pauline) and Dad …though, 98 years wasn’t too bad for him. I also lost my ‘orignal’ cats April (20) and Weepy (18)
shortly after Dad. I have been able to revisit family members in infrequent dreams, which have been
real treats.) I still feel all of their collective energy and hear their ‘voices’ from within offering guidance,
e.g. What would Joan or Don have done in a given situation?

walmart hanukah

So, life’s a bit different now . It’s more about living each day well, doing NOW what I used
to put off, like getting the house in order , including a family tribute room , where old family photos, momentos and memories will grace the walls
once again, with countenances smiling at me, no longer in boxes. And,I will smile back at them. Looking at Don, Joan, Mom and Dad will
remind me, fondly, not only of days happy days gone by but of what might have been their futures, some of which it has been and
will be my duty and honor to carry out. I was lucky to have an especially likable sister and brother, whose personalities alone contributed
much to the world, not to mention their contributions as teacher and doctor, cherished by many.


In 2015 my 5,000-plus record collection (as in LPs and 45s) will come to life again and even my ‘lucky’
’63 Chrysler Imperial might see the road this year after two years in moth balls; I acquired ‘Carhuna’ in 2004 during my own life-threatening
medical issues and he remains an important part of the ‘family’ along with real life favorite furry friends Zack and Ornji, not to mention
the wild turkeys, deer and birds who come around for food.


As I catch up on a long list of things in 2015 this includes speaking/corresponding with you more in the new year. If nothing else I’ve learned the value of each day,
not to be taken for granted, and again, as Grandma said, ‘If you’ve got your health you have everything.’ I still don’t travel outside the Bay Area
and don’t get to visit many of you , in person, but I think of you often. Here’s thanking you again for being there for me and wishing you – and I’m
sure all the Kaufmans would echo it – a truly Happy, Healthy New Year.
Enjoy every sandwich –
with Love, Burtcar with kennedy stickers


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