May 12 2014

Mother’s Day Wishes 2014 Remembering Mother and Her Good Deeds

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Wishing you and yours a Happy Day as we honor Moms for all they do, including bringing
us into the world to make it all possible for us. Such can be said for my Grandmothers
Rose and also remembering Aunt Annette among  more immediate circle of relatives,
and, of course, my own mother, Pauline, who is greatly missed. (I like to remember her
and others no longer with us on special days like this. Sister Joan was the best pet ‘mother’ I’ve known; she raised  many happy, wonderful dogs over the years including her last, Pucky and Roscoe. She was also popular ‘mother’    to get through to many Oakland school students.

Celebrated yesterday with Mindy, and her mother, Joyce at the Oakland Zoo, where we saw many other mothers of various species including bats, giraffes, elephants, walabees (in an Australian section), but, most notably the primates, for whom the Oakland Zoo has one of the best offerings… baboons, chimpanzees, gibbons, etc. and especially the lemur ‘sanctuary’ were of great interest.  Mindy is mother to Hershey, wonderful chocolate lab
and the late Stormy and Amber, still with us in spirit as our other departed friends and relatives.    I shared with Mindy and her mother some letters written to me by Mom and Dad, recently come upon while cleaning house and some relatives, too.  Those involved may remember.

Also , thought of how Pauline was ‘mother’ to many lively seniors at the resident Coit Hotel in Oakland during the Sixties and Seventies. My parents treated ‘Goldie,’Mr.Goldman and the ‘lobbyists'(as I called them) gang just like parents, giving them a lot for the $52 HUD monthly rent they paid.  Memories…  And, that got me to thinking of how Mom finally got the city of Oakland to bury the telephone wires below ground so as not to obstruct the beautiful resevoir/fountain views, as well as finally paving the roads; sadly, she had passed away by the time the city actually did the work.

And, speaking of memories especially for us folks who remember the Fifties… a few more , courtesy of Uncle Al and Diamond Films : 

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